Posted on: January 19, 2008 2:25 pm

Secret to getting your adj review to match

If you are wanting to get your adjusted review to match your actual review. I have it.  It may take a while but if you put the time in you can do it.

I have heard some people say that it is based on your level. Meaning that if you are a Superstar and rate someone a five then his adjusted review goes lower, while a rookie who rates a 5 gets and ajusted review of 5.  Well it only appears that way.  What happens is the more you rate 5's and Zeros the more your adjusted review drops.  A rookie has had less time to rate therefore he is actually trusted more.  As most of us do, we rate our friends high regardless of what they say.  If you are a superstar, then you probbaly have been doing this for a while and therefore the less you are trusted. 

How you get this fixed?  Well you don't want to start rating your friends lower, so you need to go to sites of the opposite teams or game threads which have a lot of posts and rate them in between 1 and 5.  On your own site if you have some butthead, don't rate them a 0.  Find out what you lowest rating you can give that has an adjustment of 0.  It is the same thing as rating someone a zero, but it helps you get a higher rating.   

If you have been doing this awile it will take longer to fix.  There is an overnight process that applies your day's ratings and adjusts your adjustment for the next day.  So if you rate 1000 midlevel ratings today you won't see anything bump until tomorrow.  I have not gotten mine all the way to have a 5 equal a 5 yet, but I went from have a 5 adjusted to a 2, to now having a 5 adjusted to a 3.5.  You can still rate your buddies 5's just make sure you have an equal amount of midlevel stuff to conteract it. It is also kind of funny rating some idiot a 2 yet they still get a zero.  Try it out and let me know how it goes. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2008 10:45 pm

Best Movie I have seen in a while

I wanted to let everyone know of a Movie I saw last week that was great.  310 to Yuma.  It is a western with Russell Crowe and Chritian Bale.  It starts off kind of slow, but it finishes great.  If you like unforgiven with Clint Eastwood then you'll like this and even if you don't you you still should like this movie.  Let me know if you have seen it, what you think.
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Posted on: January 15, 2008 9:48 am

This is fantastic

Well I guess they have been saying we would get this.  Who cares????
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